Yoto Vs Toniebox: Battle for the best kids’ Audio and music player in 2023

Yoto vs Toniebox

It is time for a break from the kids! We need to get a few things done around the house and we are going to be bald from pulling our hair out trying to entertain our kids in the process!

Thank goodness we have a kids’ audio player like Yoto or Toniebox! Now our kids can be entertained and educated without wasting away in front of a screen!

The big question is which is the better option for your kids? Toniebox or Yoto?

We have done a ton of research when choosing an audio player for our kids and hope to help you and your family pick the right one.

Quick Comparision

Pros and Cons

Yoto Pros

  • Content is saved on the app
  • Huge selection of content
  • Appeals to a larger age range of 3-12 or older
  • Original kid’s podcast that engages with kids
  • Yoto Mini option 
  • Longest battery life of up to 24 hours
  • Ok-to-wake sleep training feature

Yoto Cons

  • Content housed on cards that aren’t fun or exciting
  • Controls on the Yoto can take some getting use to

Toniebox Pros

  • Fun Tonies figures that double as a toy
  • A ton of popular content from kids’ TV shows and Disney movies
  • Easy-to-use controls even for young kids
  • Very durable with a padded outside covering
  • Product Pro 5

Toniebox Cons

  • Shorter battery life of 7 hours
  • Not much content or features that allow kids to interact
  • If you lose a Tonie you lose the content


The winner here is Toniebox for the initial starter set. BUT, in the long run, Yoto is probably cheaper because their cards are cheaper, and becoming a Yoto Club member includes a discount.


From toniebox.com

The Toniebox starts at $99! This includes the Toniebox, the Toniebox soft cover, a charging station, and one playtime song Tonie. You can bundle and save up to 15% on your starter set as well. The bundle options include an additional 3, 5, or 7 Tonies with your initial purchase.

Tonies range in price from $15 to as much as $40 for the amazing sheep night Tonie that has a variety of different bedtime resources for your kids!

Toniebox has a subscription option to save up to 20% on Tonies and get them shipped to you for free every month! You can also get some discounts on other Tonie products with your subscription.

Yoto Player

yoto and yoto mini

The Yoto player 3rd generation starts at $119! There is also a smaller version, the Yoto mini, that includes most of the same features but is only $69! Both the Yoto player and Yoto mini include a USB-C charging cord, a welcome card (that allows you to record your own content), and access to all of the free content on the Yoto app (such as the Yoto podcast, child-friendly radio station, and sleep sounds)!

Yoto cards range from $7 to as much as $60 for a large card pack like the complete Chronicles of Narnia series.

You can save money on Yoto products by becoming Yoto Club members. As a member, you get 2 Yoto cards every month, free shipping, and 10% off of everything else! Becoming a member of the Yoto Club costs $10/month or $100 annually.

Yoto also has a great loyalty program where you earn points for purchases, referring a friend, or following Yoto on social media. These points can be redeemed as money off future purchases! Who doesn’t like to save money?! Yet another reason why the Yoto player wins the price competition in the long run!

Content Library

Yoto is the clear winner here! They have over 800 Yoto cards and counting! Not to mention all the free content on their app.

Where Toniebox has an advantage over Yoto is that Tonies double as cute and fun toys! Tonies are much more exciting for younger kids than simple little Yoto cards.


Toniebox with tonies
from toniebox.com

Tonie content comes on hand-painted plastic figurines called Tonies. There are over 200 different Tonies and their content library is always growing!

Tonie’s content includes songs and stories from popular books, TV shows, and Disney movies! Tonies are very captivating to children because of the familiar audio content they provide. Children will enjoy listening to stories they already know and love, while also having a fun familiar character toy to play with!

Tonies’ content time ranges from 16-50 minutes.

Examples of the type of content Tonie provides are educational, stories, songs, holidays, Disney/Marvel heroes, bedtime/morning routines, and much more! Some of the most popular Tonies are Sesame Street Elmo, Elsa and Anna in Frozen, Cocomelon, Daniel Tiger, PAW Patrol, and National Park Dinosaur!

Toniebox also has what they call creative Tonies that are unpainted and allow you to upload personalized content and then paint/decorate it however you want! Our kids love letting their creative side out whenever possible so this is a unique plus with the creative Tonie!

Yoto Player

yoto cards
from yoto.com

Yoto is unmatched when it comes to the vast content library it offers!

Let’s start with the free content! Accessed via the Yoto app, available content includes Yoto radio, Yoto podcast, and other soundscapes and helpful children’s timers (like a toothbrush timer to help kids brush long enough to keep the cavities away)!

The Yoto radio includes family-friendly music and would provide a great opportunity for family dance parties either at home or while traveling in the car! We love dance parties at our house!

The Yoto podcast includes interactive guided art projects, educational stories, thought-provoking questions, jokes, songs, and much more! You can even access other kid-friendly podcasts. We love listening and learning from podcasts as parents, so having our kids exposed to wholesome podcasts is a great bonus!

Now, let’s get to the content you can purchase on the Yoto cards! With over 800 options, the possibilities are endless!

Some of the most popular Yoto cards include The Chronicles of Narnia or Magic Tree House (one of our personal favorite book series), PAW Patrol pup pack, Playtime with Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo, Disney collection, and Kidz Bop 2023!

Another huge advantage for Yoto is that if you lose a Yoto card you can still access it in the Yoto app and even download it onto a blank Yoto card. In this way, your content is NEVER lost! Toniebox is not this way. If you lose a Tonie you lose the content!

Just like the creative Tonies, Yoto also has blank cards to download your own content! Both the creative Tonies and the blank Yoto cards can be personally decorated, however, the Tonies may appeal to a younger audience since they double as personalized toys.

Ease of use

Both the Yoto player and Toniebox are made for younger children to play with. If we have to choose a winner here however, it would be the Yoto Player for its super simple design. The Yoto mini also provides a much easier transportation ability due to its small size.

Both can be used without Wifi which makes them a great on-the-go activity!


girl playing with toniebox
from toniebox.com

Using the Toniebox is very simple and can easily be done by a three-year-old. To play the content you just place the desired magnetic Tonie on top of the Toniebox and the content starts playing! To stop the content you simply remove the Tonie.

To turn the volume up you press the big ear on the Toniebox and to turn the volume down you press the little ear.

To skip content you tap the sides of the Toniebox. To fast forward or rewind you tilt the Toniebox from side to side. Now, this tilting feature may be “easy” for kids to do but it can get a little crazy when kids tilt the Toniebox back and forth constantly! Carrying the Toniebox around the house while playing content can be problematic due to these features as well.

Yoto Player

child playing with yoto player
from yoto.com

The Yoto player is just like Toniebox in that you place a card into the Yoto player to start content and remove the card to stop the content.

The buttons on the Yoto player can take some getting used to but are simple once you have used it a few times. There is a button on the right and left of the Yoto player. Turning the button on the right controls fast-forwarding and rewinding. You can press the button to access other Yoto content like Yoto radio. The left button controls the volume.

Feel and Quality

Both Toniebox and Yoto players have unique designs. The Toniebox wins for quality because of the protective case provided. We personally like the design of the Yoto however, because it has a fun screen and retro look, and displays images associated with the story!


various tonieboxes
from toniebox.com

Toniebox comes with a padded cover of your color choice! This pad is a must-have when you have young kids who know how to put a beating on their toys! Toniebox itself is just a simple cube, but the Tonies are really where the Toniebox visual appeal shines! Tonie even has shelves you can buy to display the fun Tonies!! What a neat addition to your child’s bedroom decor!

Toniebox is a little bigger and bulkier than the Yoto player, but is still very portable for kids to take with them on the go!

Yoto Player

various yoto players
from yoto.com

The Yoto player is more vulnerable to damage since it doesn’t come with any protective covering. Yoto does however offer adventure jackets and screen protectors purchased separately.

The Yoto design is quite fun because of the small digital display on the front. Moving images appear on the screen that correlate to the content being played! If your kids are like ours, they will love fun images to go along with the stories!

Age Suitability 

Here is where we feel the most important difference lies. We feel that age suitability determines which audio player is best suited for your family.


Best suited for younger kids ages 3-6. If your kids are in this age range then the Toniebox may be the best for you! Their content is geared toward young school-aged children and the Tonies are great toys for this age range! Our boys who are 1, 3, and 5 love playing with animal figurines, and these are very similar.

Yoto Player

Best suited for older children ages 6-12. If you have kids older than 6 then the Yoto player may be the best for you! Yoto’s content library covers both young and old children, and is much more practical for older kids to use content cards instead of toys like Toines.

Battery life

Yoto wins big for battery life! Yoto boasts a whopping 24 hours of battery life with one charge! Toniebox battery lasts up to 7 hours which is still a great amount of time since it provides plenty of time to go on a road trip with just one charge!

Keep in mind, battery life can vary depending on the amount of usage in between charges and will last longer when content is downloaded onto the audio players.

Additional Features/Accessories

Both the Toniebox and Yoto players have fun additional features and accessories. We feel that Yoto wins for features and Toniebox wins for accessories!


tonies shelf
from toniebox.com
toniebox bag
from toniebox.com

Toniebox has all sorts of creative ways to store and transport your Toniebox and Tonies. There are listen and play bags, carrying cases, and carrying bags that allow you to take your Toniebox with you and have places for carrying a few different Tonies as well!

Tonies bags allow you to store and transport 10 Tonies. All bags have fun Toniebox original designs too!

As mentioned earlier, you can even get a Tonie shelf to store your Tonies in a fun way! Since you are spending all that money on the Tonies you might as well show them off and use them to decorate your kid’s room!

You can buy Tonie-themed headphones for your kids to listen to without you having to hear wheels on the bus for the 100th time!

A recent addition to the Toniebox accessories is the Tonie’s advent calendar! During the holiday season, you can give your kids a new Tonie and content for each day!

Yoto Player

yoto card case
from yoto.com
yoto with headphones
from yoto.com

Yoto has several additional features that set it apart from Toniebox! One is the ok-to-wake clock. You can set a time of day that you want your kids to get out of bed in the morning and when that time comes the display will change from a moon to a sun! How cool is that! This feature is a huge plus for us since our 3-year-old thinks the crack of dawn is a good time to start the day!

The Yoto display, as mentioned earlier, is a fun way for kids to interact more with the content! When you aren’t listening to content then the display is a clock. It can be used as an alarm clock for older children!

The Yoto player can be used as a night light as well for those little ones who are scared of the dark.

Yet another cool feature is the fact that the Yoto player can be a Bluetooth speaker! So your “content library” just got a whole lot bigger!

Some additional Yoto accessories include a card case to store all owned cards and a soft outer shell to protect the Yoto player and make it easier to carry with a handle. Headphones are available and provide a perfect opportunity for children to listen to their Yoto while needing to maintain a quiet environment around them.

Last but not least is the option of the Yoto mini! This gives you huge savings on price over the Toniebox! It also is a great option for travel entertainment since it is so much smaller and can easily fit in a backpack or be carried with one hand instead of toting around a large speaker!


from storypod.com

Another great option to consider is the Storypod! This is what we have in our home and we love it! After all of our research, we will definitely be buying a Yoto in the future!

One notable difference of the Storypod is its ability to interact with the content. While listening to stories or doing trivia cards, your child can press different colored buttons on the Storypod in response to questions. Being able to interact with the content in this way takes the audio experience to a new level and helps solidify your child’s comprehension and learning! 

Another key difference is Storypod crafties. Crafties are small yarn plush dolls on which Storypod’s continent is housed. These make for great toys much like Tonies except they are soft! 

Learn more about Storypod from our review!

Conclusion-the winner is….

And the winner is….. 🥁 it depends on your family!

 If you have younger children, we would say 6 and under, then Toniebox is a great fit! 

If you have older children, 5 and up, then we recommend Yoto!

Overall, we would give a first-place trophy to the Yoto Player because of its vast content library that appeals to a larger audience, as well as all the other cool features like the ok-to-wake! However, explore the audio content between each device and see what appeals to your family more!

Both products are amazing and have their own unique benefits. Overall, we just love having a screen-free way to entertain and educate our kids. 

We are HUGE fans of reading in our home. Reading helps develop a child’s vocabulary, and imagination, as well as allows them to learn anything through books!  We love seeing how excited our boys get to sit down and read together as a family. We truly have seen reading help us grow as a family and as individuals!

Both of these devices help expose your children to books and help develop a love for and greater skill of reading! 

Either one you choose we truly feel you will be so pleased!

You can learn more about both of these great products from our Toniebox review and our Yoto review!

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