33 Creative Ideas for What to Do When Bored for Kids in 2024: Easy & Fun Solutions!

what to do when bored for kids

In search of inspiration for what to do when kids are bored? Whether it’s rainy, sunny, or somewhere in between, we’ve assembled 33 easy and fun activities that will kick boredom to the curb for kids of all ages.

“Mom, I am bored”. Those infamous words that make you cringe. It is never fun to have bored kids, especially as a stay-at-home mom!

When life has you busy, it can be hard to know how to keep your kids entertained while trying to find time to accomplish everything on your to-do list.

In our home, we try to make a conscious effort to avoid just putting our kids in front of screens to satisfy their boredom. Rather than screens, we have found that many of these ideas can help your kids have fun without you feeling guilty about them watching movies all day!

To be honest, when we place our kids in front of a screen all day they always seem to have worse behaviors and seem to not listen very well. We wanted to come up with a list of activities to have fun with our kids and help them feel happy while also trying to eliminate poor behavior.

Get ready to create, explore, play, and learn through hands-on experiences that will make the most of your child’s free time!

Key Takeaways

The 32 ideas are broken down into 8 categories.

  1. Crafts are a great way to engage your kids indoors. There are so many different crafts you can do with your kids, some of which could be painting, drawing, coloring, playing with Play-Doh, making jewelry, and designing vision boards to help them set goals.
  2. Playing outside can give your high-energy kids the activities they need. Some of these include an outdoor scavenger hunt, jumping on a trampoline, going on a bike ride, or drawing with chalk.
  3. Games are another great way to engage your kids. Some games that you may want to try are hide and seek, family board game night, puzzles, or sports challenges.
  4. Activities in the Kitchen can both cure boredom and teach your kids valuable skills. Some activities we like are making cookies, making artistic snacks, or making homemade play-doh
  5. Calming activities can be a great way to entertain your kids when you need them to be more quiet. Some of our favorites are reading books, yoga, or bird-watching
  6. Doing activities as a family is one of our favorite ways to cure boredom. Some ideas could be family karaoke, family dance parties, puppet shows, or building a time capsule.
  7. Some active play ideas for indoors, when the weather is bad, could be building a blanket fort, creating an obstacle course, building with legos, or making paper airplanes
  8. Finally, using technology is always a way to entertain your kids. Some of our favorites are kids’ audio players, educational apps and games, and educational movies and TV shows.

33 Ideas for What to Do When Bored for Kids

Unleashing Imagination with Indoor Crafts

Overcast weather and energetic children create the perfect opportunity to ignite their creativity through indoor crafting. Such activities not only kindle their imaginative flair but also serve as a delightful distraction that can captivate kids for extended periods of time. Watch in wonder as straightforward and bright craft projects turn your living space into a lively center of artistic expression!

We even created a craft drawer filled with things like paper, crayons, stick glue, stickers, and kid scissors and put it in our boys’ room. That way they feel like they are in control of their crafts. They can use anything in their craft drawer without having to ask Mom and Dad. This one thing has been a HUGE help for us in our home since it provides our boys with a sense of positive power and autonomy.

Whether it’s creating painted rocks shaped like snowmen, fashioning fish out of paper plates or coloring pages featuring wide-mouthed monsters, these indoor crafting endeavors are sure to fend off any dull moments!

1. Create Your Own Storybook

This can be a really fun and unique idea for kids. Our kids love to tell us stories so having them create a little storybook craft to help tell their story is perfect for them.

It allows them to use their imagination and be creative! It will help them develop writing and thinking skills. By adorning their tales with drawings, children also infuse the creations with artistic visual elements.

Depending on the holiday approaching we like to staple a bunch of paper together and let our boys make their own picture book with different images from that holiday. For example, during Christmas, our boys will paint their own pictures of Santa, snowmen, presents, Christmas trees, Jesus, Christmas lights, etc. Now they have their own homemade Christmas book!

Praising kids for the stories they concoct helps their self-esteem and increases their enthusiasm for writing and reading activities. This encouragement could create a lifelong passion for books!

2. Design a Vision Board

kids making a vision board

This is an activity we do with our kids and they love it! We do this activity ourselves as husband and wife as well!

A vision board serves as a compelling instrument for kids to manifest their dreams and ambitions. It is essentially a visual collage of their desired achievements and expressions of thankfulness. Children can assemble images from magazines or make drawings that symbolize what they want to accomplish.

Upon completion, this vision board acts as an everyday prompt for the children’s future goals, motivating them to consistently try to reach those goals.

It has been so cool to see our little four and six-year-old kids get excited when they are working on their goals! This can turn into a powerful lesson for them to be high achievers throughout their lives!

3. Craft Play-Doh Sculptures

kids playing with play-doh

Playing with Play-Doh is a classic kid activity! For a hands-on, sensory-rich experience, nothing beats crafting with Play-Doh.

The possibilities of what kids can make are endless!

Plus, using clay cutters to create designs enhances their understanding of symmetry and basic design principles. The best part? They get to display their creations afterward, giving them a sense of pride in their work. Nothing beats having your three-year-old’s Play-Doh dog as a dining room table centerpiece!

4. Drawing and Coloring Sessions

Drawing and coloring for kids can be more than mere entertainment. They are a valuable means for children to channel their imagination while enhancing their fine motor capabilities.

Our home is filled with pieces of artwork by our boys. As simple as a six-year-old’s crayon drawing can be, in the eyes of a parent, it is priceless.

5. Homemade Jewelry Making

Crafting jewelry is an enjoyable and imaginative way for children to design their own pieces of wearable artwork! From threading beads together for necklaces to decorating pasta for bracelets, the process of making homemade jewelry offers a wonderful channel for children’s artistic expression.

It serves as an excellent method for improving kids’ fine motor skills and sharpening their focus.

Gather various beads, string or yarn, and additional crafting supplies and assist your child in fashioning their one-of-a-kind stylish trinkets!

6. Have Them Paint Their Own Masterpiece

kids painting

Painting is another type of art for kids to experiment with and learn to be creative.

For young kids, we love paint markers because they are a lot less prone to making a mess. Make sure to set up an area where your kids will be able to experiment with paint while not destroying their clothes or your home.

We like to use trash bags under the paper our kids are painting on. You can even cut head and arm holes in trash bags to act as aprons to protect your kids clothes!

7. DIY Science and Learning Projects

For the little scientists and curious minds, DIY science and learning projects can provide hours of educational fun. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Create a homemade lava lamp
  2. Build a toothpick bridge
  3. Make a volcano erupt
  4. Grow crystals
  5. Conduct a simple chemistry experiment
  6. Build a solar-powered car
  7. Explore the properties of magnets
  8. Make a homemade compass
  9. Create a homemade slime
  10. Build a simple circuit

These projects engage kids in hands-on learning that’s both exciting and educational. Plus, they provide a great opportunity to bring science, engineering, and geology concepts to life in a tangible and interactive way.

Why not put on those lab coats and goggles and dive into the fascinating world of DIY science?

8. Rock Collection and Painting

Collecting and painting rocks is an excellent method for children to enjoy geology while channeling their artistic side.

As they gather rocks during a stroll through nature they are able to have a tactile way to investigate Earth’s wonders. With minimal supplies such as paint or markers, your kids can transform a simple rock into a piece of art!

Our kids love this activity and are always on the lookout for another great rock for their collection!

A lot of the rock art ideas our kids have used come from a book called Scribble Stones.

Outdoor Adventures for Active Kids

As the sun shines and nature calls for exploration, it’s an excellent opportunity for kids to play outside. Engaging ventures abound from scavenger hunts that sharpen their curiosity, to cycling excursions and artistic endeavors with chalk.

Should stir-craziness set in, consider venturing out into the open air for a thrilling outdoor activity. This can be both an easy solution for you as the parent as well as a healthy activity for your child’s body and mind!

9. Embark on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

kids on an outdoor scavenger hunt

One of the simplest yet most engaging outdoor activities is a nature scavenger hunt. With a printable list and some coloring materials, kids can embark on a quest to find different items in nature. This activity is not only fun for families but also suitable for larger groups.

After the hunt, engage in discussions about their favorite finds, sensory experiences, and reflections on time spent in nature. Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll also learn to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around them.

10. Ride Away on a Bike Adventure

family on a bike ride

There’s nothing quite like the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you pedal away on a bike. Bike rides are not just fun; they also help kids develop physical stamina, coordination, and a sense of freedom.

From riding around the neighborhood to exploring new trails, bike adventures can be as simple or challenging as you want.

We love going on family bike rides and putting the little ones in a bike trailer. It has been a great bonding activity for us and also gets us all out of the house!

For an extra layer of fun, why not turn a standard ride into a treasure hunt with geocaching? Or set distance goals to track biking progress? With a bit of creativity, a bike ride can turn into a thrilling adventure!

11. Create Chalk Murals

kids drawing with chalk

Chalk art is a simple yet creative way for kids to express their imagination. They can:

  • Draw their favorite superhero and animals
  • Draw large, colorful murals on sidewalks
  • Write encouraging words on the sidewalk to foster kindness and spread positivity to passersby.
  • Drawing their own roadway on the driveway to ride bikes on is another great way to keep kids entertained for long periods.

There’s no limit to what they can create with chalk art.

For an added challenge, why not host a chalk art contest? It’s a fun way to encourage children to be creative and aim for a goal.

12. Trampoline Fun

We frequently send our kids outside to jump on the trampoline. If you have a kid with more energy than you know what to do, jumping on a trampoline can be a great activity!

If you don’t have a trampoline then seeing if there is a trampoline park near where you live will be a worthwhile activity! Our kids love it when we go to our local trampoline park!

Engaging Games for Energetic Minds

One of our family’s favorite ways to connect is playing games together! Encourage your kids to play games together as siblings or with their friends.

Games offer boundless fun, from the excitement of family game nights to traditional activities like hide and seek, stimulating kids’ intellects and keeping them physically active. The wide array of games available means they accommodate various age groups and preferences guaranteeing that each child finds something appealing.

No matter if your kid is drawn to strategic board games, enjoys creative role-playing, or prefers energetic competitions, you’re sure to find a game that entices them.

13. Family Game Night Extravaganza

family game night

Family game night is a staple in our home! It is not just about fun; it’s about bringing the entire family together.

Games like ‘Ticket to Ride’ and ‘Codenames’ offer strategic challenges that are perfect for family game nights. For the younger kids, some of our favorites are ‘Pizza Pizza’ or ‘Settlers of Catan Junior’.

Why not orchestrate a family game night extravaganza? It provides a wonderful opportunity for quality time, bonding, and of course, abundant fun!

14. Do a Puzzle Together

Puzzles are a great way for kids to challenge their minds. Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one to work for your kids of any age.

Having a challenge like a good puzzle will help teach your kids how to problem solve and work through difficulty. Puzzles aren’t always easy and can often take a lot of patience making them a way to teach your kids important life skills while also entertaining them!

15. The Classic Fun of Hide and Seek

kids playing hide and seek

The timeless game of hide and seek continues to provide endless entertainment.

By incorporating inventive modifications, the excitement is significantly enhanced! Whether it’s ‘Sardines,’ a twist where all participants conceal themselves as a group, or ‘Secret Wave,’ which allows hiders that have been discovered to covertly communicate with one another—there’s an adapted version for every child eager to play this beloved game.

Its adaptability makes it perfect for any location and weather condition since it can be enjoyed both inside and outside.

16. Soccer Ball Skills Challenge

Soccer lovers will find that a soccer ball skills challenge can transform their experience of the game. This entertaining and captivating approach allows kids to enhance their abilities in soccer by mastering dribbling, shooting, and goal-scoring techniques.

By employing everyday items found around the house or basic playground equipment, you can create an obstacle course for soccer that is thrilling and instructive.

Spicing up the activity with a small-scale tournament could be really appealing. Hosting a friendly tournament with your kids’ friends can promote healthy competition for everyone!

Kitchen Creations for Little Chefs

kids helping in the kitchen

We frequently underestimate the abilities of children in the kitchen. Sometimes it can mean having to clean up a mess afterward, but getting kids involved in making food in the kitchen can be a great activity for them!

We are always hesitant to let our young kids in the kitchen with us but in the end, we are always glad we did. Working with us in the kitchen always makes our kids feel so accomplished and it is so fun to see the pride on their faces when they enjoy the fruits of their labors.

17. Bake Cookies from Scratch

Could there be a treat more delightful than homemade cookies? Crafting cookies from the ground up offers not just a yummy treat, but also provides children with an educational experience in measuring ingredients, operating kitchen equipment, and adhering to recipe instructions.

The icing on the cake is that they get to savor their scrumptious handiwork when finished!

18. Whipping Up Homemade Play Dough

Consider making some homemade play dough for an engaging and sensory-rich activity in the kitchen. Preparing play dough at home serves as an excellent educational opportunity for children to get hands-on experience with measuring and combining different components.

Add a little food coloring and your kids will have different play dough colors!

What’s more? This DIY craft can last for approximately three months, ensuring a long stretch of imaginative fun!

19. Artistic Snack Art

artistic snacks

Who claims that food must be dull? Snack art transforms eating into an exciting adventure for children! Crafting whimsical designs with fruits, vegetables, and a variety of foods teaches kids about the importance of nutrition while they enjoy themselves.

Some fun snack ideas we enjoy are fashioning a lion’s mane using pancakes and fruit, making pilgrim hats with striped fudge cookies and Reeses, or fruit and veggie pizzas.

Get your creative juices flowing! Our kids love it when they get to put food coloring in their eggs or in Cool Whip on top of fruit pizza! This gives them a little more artistic control of their food.

Soothing and Calming Activities

Following periods filled with a lot of activity and energy, it can be a good idea to engage your kids in some more relaxing activities. In our home, we especially like doing more calming activities in the later hours of the day so that it helps our boys wind down for bed.

We have Some of these activities in a calming corner for our kids so they have a soothing place to go when their emotions are out of control.

20. Reading Books

kids reading

Never underestimate the power of giving your kids a collection of good books to read!

If you have read any other articles on our blog you probably know how much we value books in our home! We have a list of our favorite books for kids that we are always adding to. We consistently add to our book collection and are always trying to teach our kids to love to read.

Books are a great way for kids to use their imaginations and transport themselves to any place they wish. Creating a designated place like a reading nook for your kids to work can be a great way to encourage reading in your home.

21. Yoga and Breathing Exercises

Yoga and breathing exercises offer more than just a tranquil experience. They also enhance concentration and relaxation among children. By practicing easy postures such as the Tree Pose or the Cobra Pose, children learn to be more aware of their bodies and breath.

Employing creative strategies like using animal-inspired breathing techniques or shape-based guidance can make these practices fun for youngsters of every age. We have used a children’s book from Paperpie called Yoga Animals at the Seashore which is very engaging for young children, making Yoga while reading a book so fun.

22. Bird Watching Bliss

Bird watching is a relaxing activity for kids and can help them connect with nature! Children equipped with binoculars and a guide to recognizing various bird species can help them discover how to pinpoint different birds.

Consider setting up a bird feeder in your backyard as an excellent starting point for you and your family’s exploration into the world of bird watching. You could even create a homemade birdhouse when you have bored kids.

Crafting Joyful Memories with Family

Creating memories as a family is an essential part of creating a wholesome family life in which your kids will always feel entertained! Doing activities together as a family is so much more than just entertaining your kids, it is helping to strengthen lasting relationships with the people that are most important.

Whether you’re planning a cycling trip for the whole family or assembling a time capsule, such pursuits provide an unparalleled chance to connect with each other, discover new things, and build collective memories.

One of the most important lessons we have learned as parents has come from the course Positive Parenting Solutions. The key lesson is about making sure to prioritize spending one-on-one quality time with each of your kids even if it is for just 10 minutes a day.

23. Family Karaoke Night

family singing together

Whether you or your kids can sing or not, family karaoke is a sure way to be entertained! Trust us, laughter and smiles will fill your home!

There are plenty of family karaoke machines that you can buy which provide an amazing experience. If you don’t want to spend any money, just firing up a song on your phone and singing along can work just as well!

24. Time Capsule Creation

Constructing a time capsule offers an engaging and significant way for families to encapsulate their collective memories and adventures.

It could be filled with photographs, cherished possessions, or heartfelt letters. Each element within the capsule captures a snapshot of history that will be valued for future generations.

One of the most thrilling aspects is picking out a date far ahead when the capsule will be unsealed, building up eager anticipation among all participants.

25. Dance Party Showdown

family dancing together

Dance parties are a frequent occurrence in our home!

A dance party within the family can be a fantastic way to bond over music and rhythm. It’s an enjoyable activity that allows each member to freely express their individuality through dance steps. We love watching our kids’ dance moves progress over the years!

You can even spice up the dance party by creating an official family dance party playlist or dressing up in fun-themed clothes! Our family has made our own line dance that is always a huge during our dance parties!

26. Puppet Show Theater

Consider sparking some creative flair in your household with a puppet show that the whole family can enjoy. Create your own puppet socks and cardboard puppet theater together!

Utilize vibrant socks and an assortment of craft materials so kids can fashion their unique puppet personalities.

Building Skills Through Play

Childhood is enriched by play, which doubles as an effective way to learn. It fosters the enhancement of various competencies in children, such as:

  • Dexterity and physical coordination
  • Capacity to solve challenges
  • Inventive thought processes
  • Interpersonal communication abilities
  • Intellectual development

Engaging in enjoyable activities like assembling Lego structures, creating paper airplanes, or conquering an obstacle course delivers a delightful avenue for kids to expand their horizons and develop important skills.

27. Constructing Paper Airplanes

The act of transforming a simple sheet of paper into a soaring plane is enchanting.

Crafting paper airplanes offers children an entertaining and instructive experience, imparting lessons on aerodynamics as well as enhancing their precision and synchronization between hands and eyes. It serves to ignite some lighthearted rivalry among kids eager to determine which of their creations can glide the longest distance.

28. Indoor Obstacle Course Madness

An indoor obstacle course can be an exciting and demanding activity that serves as an excellent solution for bored kids.

By utilizing everyday objects around the house, you can assemble a circuit that will challenge their agility, coordination, and problem-solving abilities. For added excitement, consider timing each attempt to determine who can navigate through the course with the greatest speed.

This engaging venture provides not only fun but also keeps inactive children occupied inside your home.

29. Build a Blanket Fort

boy in blanket fort

This is always a favorite memory of ours! Help your kids be mini engineers and design a fun blanket fort.

Once your kids make a fort it now becomes their castle to play in for hours! We even use blanket forts as a way to have family movie nights or as a castle to play board games inside of.

30. Lego Creativity Quest

Legos have become a timeless classic for all of us and continue to be a big hit for our kids!

Legos serve not only as a playful pastime but also as an instrument for nurturing imaginative thinking and educational growth.

Children are presented with limitless possibilities to construct whatever their minds can conceive, including grand fortresses. Building with Legos enhances children’s development in areas such as fine motor skills, spatial understanding, and problem-solving capabilities.

Embracing Technology Responsibly

In today’s digital age, technology plays a significant role in our lives, including the lives of our children. Whether it’s for learning or leisure, it’s important to guide children to embrace technology responsibly. Here are some ways to ensure children reap the benefits of technology while staying safe and balanced.

  • Set screen time limits
  • Choose educational apps
  • Monitor online activities
  • Encourage offline activities

By following these guidelines, you can help your children navigate the digital world in a healthy and responsible way.

31. Kids Audio Players

kids' audio players

We have come to absolutely LOVE the Storypod and Toniebox that we have for our kids. It entertains them for long periods of time while also providing active and educational opportunities!

For older kids, the Yoto is another great audio player with a HUGE variety of content to choose from.

The best part is that they are screen-free!!!

32. Educational Apps and Games

Within the realm of applications and games lies a treasure trove of educational materials designed to infuse play with learning. Children can enhance crucial skills through enjoyable, interactive experiences with apps such as Starfall ABCs for literacy or broad-based educational systems like Khan Academy Kids.

Consider exploring the domain of educational apps and games. It’s an excellent way to blend education with entertainment seamlessly.

33. Show Time

Letting your kids pick a favorite movie or TV show is always a fun activity when they are bored. We try to limit the amount of movies and shows our kids watch to help them not get overly stimulated by screens.

You may want to encourage movies and shows that teach kids rather than just entertain them. With our home filled with young boys, some of our favorites are Wild Kratts, Curious George, Super Why, and Leap Frog Letter Factory.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post, from indoor crafts to outdoor adventures, from kitchen creations to science projects.

We’ve explored activities that spark creativity, foster learning, promote physical activity and create joyful family memories. The goal is not to do all these activities at once, but rather to provide a resource you can turn to whenever you need inspiration.

So next time your child says “I’m bored,” remember this list and let the fun begin!

Another great tip to success would be toy rotation. When you pack away certain toys for a period of time, it becomes an exciting new activity the next time you pull them out.

Get creative and have fun coming up with new ideas with your children. Our world is full of possibilities that are endless, it just takes creative minds to uncover the adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

To captivate your children’s interest and ignite their inventive spirit, consider assembling a tale-filled storybook, developing a vision board or shaping play-Doh figures.

Delight in the pleasure of crafting alongside your little ones!

Children who have ADHD often experience boredom quickly as they need greater stimulation compared to the average person.

Engage your 10-year-old with tasks like constructing a fort, initiating a journal, picking up drawing skills, and amassing broken crayons to keep them entertained. This will occupy their time productively and give you the chance to focus on work or academic pursuits.

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