Toniebox Review 2023: Is it better than Storypod?

Toniebox review

In this Toniebox review, we will go over all of the pros and cons as well as the major benefits of the Toniebox! As parents of young children, we love finding good wholesome entertainment for our kids! We can’t survive in our home without quality entertainment for our kids!

As proud owners of a Storypod, one of Tonieboxe’s main alternatives, we will also provide some comparisons between these and other screen-free audio players. Helping you make the right purchase for you and your family is our hope. 

Toniebox Summary

Toniebox uses hard plastic hand-painted characters (called Tonies) that are placed on a cube-shaped speaker and activate specific audio content. It is wireless and has up to 7 hours of battery life making it portable.

Toniebox describes itself as a screen-free listening experience that fosters imagination through stories and music! We love reading stories with our kids and Toniebox is a great way for your kids to engage in stories even while you have to get the dishes done! 

Toniebox is unique with its large amount of Disney content!  If you and your kids are big Disney and PBS kids fans then you will love Tonie’s Disney and PBS kids stories and characters!


A signature part of Toniebox is their amazing Disney content and characters and stories from almost every PBS kid’s show!


Tonies figurines double as great toys for kids! There are even holiday Tonies!


Use the app to control volume, content, and usage!


Great way to entertain your kids without a screen!


Bedtime stories and lullabies to help kids calm down for bed!


Customizable creative Tonies allow you to record your own content!

Overall Rating:

4.7 / 5

Toniebox Pros

  • Stories from Disney  
  • Tonies from almost every PBS kid’s show
  • Cute-looking Tonie figurines 
  • Customizable Toniebox accessories 
  • Toniebox turns off after the bedtime story is complete
  • Portable with 7-hour battery life 

Toniebox Cons

  • Not many ways to interact with Toniebox or its content
  • Tonies figurines can easily get lost or mixed up with other toys
  • The content stops playing if Tonie is removed

Starts at $99

What is Toniebox?

The Toniebox is a digital audio player designed for children. It uses figurine-like characters called “Tonies” that can be placed on top of the box to play audio content, such as stories and songs.

Each Tonie represents a specific piece of content, and when placed on the Toniebox, it activates the corresponding audio. It’s a child-friendly and interactive way to enjoy audio content, making it a popular choice for young kids.

The Toniebox was created by a company called “Boxine GmbH.” The founders Patric FaBbender and Marcus Stahl, were inspired by their kids to create a screen-free way for kids to use their imagination in storytelling. 

The company launched the Toniebox in 2016, and it has since gained popularity as a unique and engaging way for kids to play independently.

Made for kids

girl excited about frozen

Toniebox is made for kids 3 and up! It focuses on storytelling with themes from popular kids shows on PBS kids and movies such as Paw Patrol and Frozen! Our boys love Paw Patrol and would be in heaven with those Tonies. We also love the educational shows that PBS Kids offers and there are tonies from also every PBS Kids show! How cool would it be to have your child learn about animals from the Wild Kratts, without having them sit in front of a screen! Our boys would be a fan and so would we!

If our boys are in heaven then so are we…no more terrorizing from our boys when things around the house need to get done!

Toniebox is very intuitive when it comes to its controls. Two little soft ears control the volume (little ear for volume down and big ear for volume up). You tilt the Toniebox left and right to fast forward or rewind the story. Young kids pick up quickly on how to interact with the toniebox which is great! This is also a great tool for kids to have independence in controlling their own story! It provides them a sense of ownership in their activity without needing mom and dad to always do things for them!



There are over 200 different hand-painted creative Tonies to choose from. There is even a Tonie that comes unpainted which gives you and your kids a black canvas to do your best artwork! Kids love being able to create new masterpieces and this do-it-yourself Tonie again provides an additional activity and also a sense of ownership to your child!


Holiday Tonies are another great addition to your collections! Halloween Tonies, such as Room on the Broom, and Christmas Tonies such as the Grinch are fun classics for your kids!


Tonies figurines would be a wonderful addition to the toys in your home! Just make sure not to lose your Tonies because then you lose your Tonies content! 

Our boys love playing with their little Mickey Mouse and animal figurines! Figurine toys are a staple in our home. Tonies not only provide fun stories and songs, but the figures make for great toys too!


Toniebox has some fun accessories to take care of your new storytelling device. 

There are bags to help transport your toniebox and Tonies. The bags come in all sorts of fun themes and colors. 

space toniebox case

There are headphones you can buy from Toniebox to plug into the headphone port directly into the Toniebox. That way you little ones can enjoy their stories while you get a little needed quiet time! 


You can get fun-themed toppers to put on the top of your Toniebox to personalize it a little bit.

tonie shelf

Toniebox even sells Tonie shelves that are beautifully designed to keep all your different Tonies on! What a fun way to decorate your kid’s room while keeping track of those cute little Tonies! 

Who is Toniebox for?

girl listening to toniebox

Toniebox is perfect for young kids! Toniebox says it is for kids 3-6+. Much of the content for older kids seems to come from National Geographic Tonies, but who doesn’t love Disney stories? The Tonies audio characters still may appeal to a good range of older kids!

Great for kids who love Disney! We have mentioned this several times because it is such a fun and unique feature of Toniebox! Engaging in fun creative stories with the voice of your favorite Disney heroes is pretty awesome!

Great for kids who love PBS Kids! Just as we have already mentioned, there are so many tonies from favorite PBS Kids shows that have more educational content. A great perk for a parent who wants their children to learn while also having fun!

Great for kids who love reading and stories! Toniebox is like having access to hundreds of fun and imaginative audiobooks for kids! 

Great to foster kids’ imagination! Storytelling is a great way to let your kid’s imagination run free! Once your child places their new tonies on top of the toniebox, their story-time adventure begins!

Great for screen-free kid’s entertainment! We are guilty of using screens to entertain our kids. Toniebox is a great alternative to screens that will engage your kids for hours! There are educational content Tonies such as national geographic ones, fun Tonies like the Disney stories, ones that play music for bedtime, one to record your own favorite stories and the creative Tonie figure you can decorate.

What benefits does Toniebox provide?

Disney and PBS Kids

curious george

There is even a specific search filter on the Toniebox website for “All Disney Tonies”. Even Mom and Dad will enjoy the fun Disney stories and music. You are never too old for Disney! 

They have Tonies featuring classic Disney stories like Toy Story and Jungle Book, as well as Tonies featuring Disney princesses and stories like Frozen and Enchanto! There are even some Disney Pixar favorites like The Incredibles!

In addition to Disney stories, there are hero stories like Batman. Between Disney and superheroes, even your older kids will enjoy the Tonie stories! 

Super Why and Elinor Wonders Why are also favorites in our home! Throw some education into the fun and it makes a perfect activity! Your kids will love recognizing more of their favorite characters in the PBS Kids tonies!

Parental Controls

mom reading

Within the Tonies app, you can control things like maximum volume and access rights. This gives you as the parent the ability to have some safeguards put in place for the usage of your Toniebox! 

As parents we all like control!  

Screen Free

This was one of the main reasons Toniebox was created! Screen-free entertainment for our kids is what led us to purchase an audio player for our boys! It is encouraging as a parent to see your kids learning and growing without watching educational videos all the time. 

Toniebox is a fabulous tool to help your kids develop their language skills and let their imaginations run wild! Listening is how we as humans learn 80% of what we learn! Toniebox is a powerful tool to help your child learn leaps and bounds! 


Have trouble with bedtime routines? Ya, we definitely do too! Toniebox can save you so much frustration when it comes to dealing with wild kids at bedtime. 

There are Tonies specific to bedtime stories and music to help calm kids down for bedtime! Once the bedtime story is done your Toniebox will turn off automatically so you don’t have to sneak back into your kid’s room to turn it off! 

Finally, both you and your kids can look forward to bedtime! 


dad playing guitar

This is one of our favorite parts about Toniebox is the ability to record your own content to listen to! The possibilities with this benefit are endless! You can buy Tonies (called creative Tonies) that are designed for you to upload recorded content from the app to your Tonie. This can be you reading your child’s favorite book to them or singing their favorite lullaby! Now you can read your kid a book while doing the laundry, how cool is that! 

Toniebox Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?



Prices vary depending on Tonies


  • Over 200 Tonies to choose from
  • Disney characters
  • Popular kids’ TV show characters
  • Fun original Tonies characters



Get discounts during Holidays


  • Toniebox audio player
  • Toniebox cover
  • One Tonie



Prices vary depending on Bundle size

Bundles include:

  • Toniebox with options for 3,5, or 7 Toines
  • Get to select individual tonies
  • 15% savings

Costs of some of the alternatives include

Tonie Shelf: $79.99-$99.99

Bags/cases: $24.99-$49.99

Toniebox Subscription

boy playing with toniebox

Toniebox also offers a subscription option to consistently receive additional Tonies for your children! You get to pick which Tonies you want your child to receive in the mail and whether you want them shipped every 1, 2, or 3 months. 

The benefits to a subscription are that you get between 10-20% off each Tonie and free shipping on each shipment to your house! What a great way to keep a constant flow of new learning and imagination coming into your home!

Toniebox Alternatives



Storypod is our favorite when it comes to kids’ screen-free audio players!  We just bought one for our kids for Christmas! 

Storypod is a portable cylinder-shaped speaker with tons of amazing content options!  The content includes small yarn characters (crafties), tokens, books, trivia decks, and activity cards!  There is so much original content along with some old classic stories and music. 

Storypod is more than just an audio player, it is a great educational tool for kids!  

The major thing that stands out with Storypod is its ability to interact with the content.  There are buttons on the top that allow kids to do quizzes and answer trivia questions.  

Much like Toniebox, the content is geared toward the younger kids. Although, Storypod says they capture a broader age range of 0-6+ which is great!

Price of Storypod: $99.99

Price of Content: $9.99-$19.99



Yoto is another great option for kids screen-free audio players! It is a box-shaped speaker with a digital screen that looks super retro! The content for the Yoto is on cards that are inserted into the top of the Yoto. 

Yoto has content for a larger age range of kids. They say their content is for 3-12 years old! This stands out against Toniebox which is geared more toward younger kids. 

Another key benefit of Yoto is the battery life being up to 24 hours! 

The Yoto screen is multipurpose, acting as a clock, displaying images that go along with the story, and night light.

Recently they have come out with the Yoto mini which has most of the same features as the original but is smaller and easily portable!

Price of Yoto: $119

Price of Yoto mini: $69

Price of content cards: $6.99-$9.99 for single cards or $14.99-$59.99 for card packs 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Toniebox will need wifi for the initial setup process, then will be usable without wifi. 

Your shipments of Tonies will continue to come until you have received all the Tonies in your selected plan or until you cancel it. 

Once a story is over, or if Toniebox is not being used, it will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. 

Each Tonie varies in length between 15-120 minutes. Disney Tonies usually run for about 30 minutes whereas music content runs typically 40-50 minutes. 

Toniebox starter set comes with a charging station so Toniebox can be recharged and will last up to 7 hours at a time. 

Conclusion – Is Toniebox Worth It?

girl hugging toniebox

YES! Toniebox is a great screen-free activity for your child and a wonderful way to promote independent play and encourage imagination!

Children love adventures and Toniebox provides the ability to safely send your child on an adventure without you feeling the guilt of placing them in front of a TV to do so. There are over 200 Tonies to choose from and your child will be entertained for hours with the huge selection of Disney, PBS kids, and holiday favorites!

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