Positive Parenting Solutions Review 2024: How it Transformed Our Family

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Parenting is a journey filled with joy, challenges, and a multitude of questions. Every parent wants the best for their child, and yet, navigating the ups and downs of parenthood can be terrifying! At least it is for us!

We have often found ourselves in situations where we’re unsure of how to handle our children’s behavior. Like those moments when he loses control and begins throwing things at us and our home. 

It was in our search for answers and solutions that we were guided to Positive Parenting Solutions, a comprehensive program designed to empower parents with effective tools and strategies to raise happy, confident, and well-behaved children. 

In this review, we’ll share our experience with Positive Parenting Solutions and talk about how it transformed our family! 

If you are desperately searching for answers to the tantrums, defiance, and power struggles then you are going to want to read this article!

Positive Parenting Solutions Summary

Overall, we highly recommend Positive Parenting Solutions to all parents! It is an online parenting program that provides parents with realistic and proven tools to help deal with struggles like nagging, power struggles, and morning and bedtime routines. This course covers parenting toddlers all the way to teens. The content is presented in over 47 videos. There are also coaching calls, a workbook, and a Facebook community to help with the implementation of the tools and strategies taught in the course. 


37+ practical parenting tools to use in specific situations


49 comprehensive videos that cover a variety of parenting topics


Keep notes and use printouts around your home


Personalized help from parenting experts


Bonus comprehensive guides for extra tricky parenting situations.


Gives you constant easy access to all your resources

Overall Rating:

5 / 5

Positive Parenting Solution Pros

  • 37 Practical Parenting Tools
  • Live/Archived Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Free Introductory Webinar
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Positive Parenting Solutions Cons

  • Expensive Relative to Alternatives
  • $299 for Full Access to All Tools

Starts at $149

Our Experience With Positive Parenting Solutions

Before Positive Parenting Solutions

A mother who needs help

We don’t believe it was just a coincidence when stumbling upon this parenting course. We watched the free one-hour webinar training and instantly knew this investment was what we needed as parents!

We have 3 boys who we love and adore, but in all honesty, not every moment is sunshine and roses. There have been countless nights going to bed feeling like failures and being worried we are doing things all wrong.  

Our children were winning every power struggle and even starting to become violent. We dreaded facing morning routines, mealtimes, and bedtimes with anxious kids, knowing it would just be a battle and end feeling defeated. We were actively searching for a solution and tried everything, including occupational therapy, with little to no improvement.

After Positive Parenting Solutions

Family hugging

Although this course was a little pricey we knew something needed to change and hoped this investment would do the trick.  Almost immediately upon implementing the tools we learned in this course we started to see a change in our home! Ours and our children’s behaviors and attitudes were so much better! Parenting became so much more of a joyful experience! 

Our children not only became less defiant and aggressive but also began trying to do more on their own instead of just giving up! Confidence in themselves improved significantly and the light in their eyes when they accomplished a hard task was priceless! This course also helped our confidence increase as we no longer had feelings night after night of failure and defeat!

Positive Parenting Solutions has become an essential for us in raising our young kids! We can honestly say this was the answer we had been desperately looking for! We feel as if a weight has been lifted because we now have the tools and resources to feel successful in our parenting journey!

What is Positive Parenting Solutions?

Positive Parenting Solutions logo

This course consists of videos, a workbook, coaching calls, and a Facebook community to help teach you positive parenting skills and support you in implementing those skills.  There is even a personality assessment at the beginning of the course that helps you identify the way you parent and how that may be contributing to the negative behaviors you are seeing in your children. 

Throughout the learning modules, you are given tools to help you and your children have mutual respect and develop lifelong peace in the home! 

Amy McCready has her content broken up into 7 steps. Those steps are below and come directly from her site:

Step 1

Pull Back the Curtain: The Science of Misbehavior and How You Contribute

  • Introduction to the Psychology Behind Troubling Behavior
  • Parent Personality Assessment
  • Birth order and why it matters
  • How do you contribute to misbehavior and how you can stop
  • Single Most important tool in the toolbox-begin seeing results in 1-2 days

Step 2

From Complaining to Contributing: Empower your Kids to be Confident, Capable, and Independent

  • Tools to give kids positive power
  • Why rewards don’t work and what to do instead
  • How to guarantee chores get completed
  • The inside scoop on allowance

Step 3

Revolutionize Your Routines: Regain Control, Let go of Guilt

  • Tools for the most challenging power struggles
  • How to master morning, after-school, and bedtime routines without fuss or fights
  • A comprehensive guide to implementing consequences without you being the bad guy


From Power Struggles to Peace: How to Handle Extreme Behaviors in a Positive Way

  • More in-the-moment tools for the most challenging power struggles
  • How to fill bottomless attention buckets
  • Strategies for backtalk, badgering, and negotiating
  • How to deal with revenge behavior

Step 5

Transform Sibling Relationships: From Enemies to Besties

  • Tools to reduce sibling rivalry
  • How you unknowingly escalate competition and what you can do about it
  • How to stop playing referee so your kids can work it out
  • Your game plan for when fighting gets physical
  • Effective conflict resolution tools for all ages
  • Strategies for little kid fights

Step 6

The Family Harmony tool: Calm the Crazies, Fire Up the Fun

  • The most effective tool for family problem-solving
  • How to increase empathy in your home
  • Tools for building your kids’ leadership capabilities
  • Family negotiation strategies

Step 7

Your Future Success: Staying Strong Through The Ages and Stages

  • How to avoid the backslide into old habits-nagging, yelling, and punishing
  • Strategies for long-term parenting success

Gold and Silver Members Bonus

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, Amy gives you a few more gems! Gold and Silver members have access to battle-tested blueprints that cover in detail the more difficult situations in parenting. 

Battle Tested Blueprints:

The Littles

  • Potty Training 101
  • Raising Adventurous Eaters
  • Stopping Sibling Bullying

Homework and School

  • Help for homework hassles
  • 3 R’s of school success
  • Keeping kids safe from bullying
  • Help for struggling students

Adult Relationships

  • Divorce and parenting apart
  • Getting your partner on the same page
  • Stronger than ever parenting partners

Tweens and Teens

  • Terrific teens parenting skills
  • Technology survival plan
  • Sex talks…simplified
  • 14 talks by age 14
  • Responsible social media

Kids with Difference

  • ADHD 101
  • Homework skills for ADHA/EFD kids
  • Help for anxious kids
  • The explosive child

Ending Entitlement

  • Curing the entitlement epidemic
  • ABC’s of allowance
  • Say NO to rewards and praise
  • Business systems for the family

Gold Members also get access to the Facebook community as well as the coaching calls. So if you are one that feels like you need more tailored parenting help, the Gold membership may be a good fit!

Who is Positive Parenting Solutions for?

This program can be for anyone who is a parent in any way to children of any age! We had this beautiful vision of what our parenting style would be like and how we would do things even better than our parents ever did.

Then…we had our first…then second…then third child and realized this was not as easy as we thought! We began to dread mourning and bedtime routines. We began finding ourselves yelling when we said we never would. We found ourselves trying to argue with a toddler and losing! 

Here are some specific struggles that, if you are facing, mean that Positive Parenting Solutions is for you: 


Parent nagging child

“If I have to ask you one more time…!!!” Sound familiar? Positive parenting Solutions can help you create expectations for yourself and your kids that will eliminate the need to do any nagging!

Amy even has a book titled “If I Have to Tell You One More Time…” This book is also a great resource that covers most of the tools in her course. Although the content in her book is very similar to her course, we feel it is still very worth the investment to buy the course as it has everything the book has but much much more!

Power Struggles

Power struggle

 “Because I said so!!!” And so the battle begins! Your sweet child turning into your greatest enemy! These power struggles always make us feel sick, BUT having tools taught in Positive Parenting Solutions can eliminate these moments!

One of the many favorite tools in this course teaches how to help children feel empowered in positive ways. In doing so, this helps the child learn how to contribute and feel significant in their family. Although this concept may not seem all that important, it will work wonders in decreasing power struggles!

Morning/Bedtime routines

Parenting meme obtained from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/156429787036576009/

For us, we just began to assume that being late for everything was inevitable with kids. Trying to get out the door for school in the mornings was a nightmare!! Then getting anything done after the kids went to bed…yeah not happening when you spend an hour going in and out of their room trying to get them to JUST GO TO SLEEP!!! Positive Parenting Solutions provides you with ways to create consistent routines to make the mornings and evenings great again!

Backtalk and Disrespect 

Disrespectful teenager

We can just feel your blood boiling with this one, it definitely got ours boiling! If you struggle with these Positive Patenting Solutions can help you identify the underlying needs of your kids that are masquerading as disrespect. 

This course helps parents learn to listen more to their child and value the child’s opinions and feelings! As children feel they are being respected, they will be more likely to give respect back. It was amazing for us to see that as we began listening to our children’s side of the story, how much easier it was to work through hard situations and come to a respectful resolution!

Parents With Toddlers

 A Child throwing a tantrum

From potty training to tantrums Positive Parenting Solutions has got you covered! Goodbye terrible twos (and threes, fours, fives, and really the entire childhood haha) hello terrific twos!

Parents with Teens

Father trying to talk with son

Parenting teens is such a uniquely challenging experience! Amy doesn’t leave out strategies to help those at this stage of their parenting journey either! It’s never too late to start!

When is it time to get help with parenting?

Overwhelmed mother

Ideally getting a parenting program before you even have your first child can help you establish good routines and strategies from day one! It can help you avoid a lot of heartache and stress. 

Realistically, you will find yourself like us. Struggling to know what to do to stop the downward spiral of bad behavior from our kids, and frustration from us. 

If you find yourself at the end of your rope, feeling like you have tried everything, it would be worth investing in a parenting program.

What are the Benefits of Positive Parenting Solutions?

Parenting Toolkit

Positive Parenting Solutions Toolbox

There are 37 tools taught that give you something concrete to implement for specific behavior troubles. 

Here are just a few of the MANY tools in the program that we absolutely love and use in our home!

Helping our children feel “belonging and significance!”

This is one of the most profound and powerful concepts! In this online course, Amy McCready explains what it means for children to feel “belonging and significance”, and how to help them feel that. This is a HUGE tool! This parenting tool will not just solve an in-the-moment situation, but will change your child’s life!

Give encouragement, not praise.

We learned that a child’s good behavior needs to be encouraged to create internal motivation. Praise fosters external motivation for behaviors and should be avoided.

Since implementing this tool, our children are less likely to quit trying when things get hard. We frequently hear our children tell themselves, “I know I can” instead! We just beam inside as we see our children work hard and not give up! We have no doubt this is a result of implementing this tool!

Give your kids hits of positive power.

All of us as human beings want to feel empowered!  That includes our children.  Our kids will seek power in negative ways, such as defiance, if we don’t help them feel empowered in positive ways, such as allowing them to contribute to the family by assigning designated responsibilities. 

When children feel empowered, they will naturally want to do more to contribute in positive ways! When a child feels as though they are contributing, they will be more likely to continue to contribute to the family! Don’t we all want to feel as though our efforts are valued, which just propels us to do more?

Bite-sized Videos

The course has 49 videos ranging from 2-20 minutes long and broken up into 7 different steps. Some videos also include pre-recorded role-plays that drive home the points taught! We especially appreciated the role-plays as they gave a whole new perspective on the concepts being taught!

Coaching Calls

You can get personalized answers to your in-the-moment issues from Amy and her certified Parenting Success System Coaches.

You even get access to all the previous coaching calls to go back and listen to! That’s a ton of questions with answers from Amy and her certified coaches! It’s like a smorgasbord of parenting tips! Unfortunately, this is only included in the Gold Membership.

Lifetime Access

This one is HUGE! Knowing that you can refer to the resources in this program FOREVER is a game changer! 

Facebook Community

We felt like we were total failures and truly didn’t know what we were doing with parenting (often still feel that way) BUT having a community of like-minded individuals who help you know you are not alone in your struggles is very empowering! This is also a Gold member perk.

Positive Parenting Solutions App

Convenience is the standard of the day! Positive Parenting Solutions has a very easy-to-navigate App that gives you access to the entire online parenting course and materials even without the Internet! Your Parenting on the go buddy! We love listening to these in the car!

Bonus Battle Tested Blueprints

This is like a baker’s dozen for parenting help! These blueprints cover those particularly tricky parenting moments. The potty training blueprint has really saved us recently!


The workbooks allow you to write down notes and personalize the content! We have also found it helpful to have the toolkit printout up in our house to remind us! 

Does Positive Parenting Solutions Really Work?

Happy Family

The short answer is YES! Amy McCready has a long track record of success with over 100,000 transformed families! 

If there is anything we think all parents should have it would be this course! We are extremely passionate about this course as we have seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on our family and we would love for every family to have the same!

Reviews from other Parents

I know, just taking our word is hard to do. You want more! We feel the same way! We tend to overanalyze every investment and purchase we make. Here is what others say about Positive Parenting Solutions: 

Parent review from Positive Parenting Solutions
Parent review from Positive Parenting Solutions
Parent review from Positive Parenting Solutions
Parent review from Positive Parenting Solutions
Parent review from Positive Parenting Solutions

Amy is Qualified

Amy McCready

The creator of Positive Parenting Solutions, Amy McCready, is a mother of 2 and is certified in Positive Discipline. She is internationally recognized for her work in positive parenting strategies, which is based on the work of psychologists Dr. Alfred Adler, Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, and Dr. Jane Nelsen.

She has been featured on ABC, CNN, Today, and The Doctors to name a few. She has over 15 years of experience as a parenting coach.

Amy identifies herself as a recovering yeller and so many others are now recovering yellers because of her course!

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the membership level (Bronze, Silver, Gold), the price varies. Each level of membership comes with an increasing amount of resources. This is directly from her website that describes the costs of each membership level and what you get with each: 

Positive Parenting Solutions 3 different course levels

If you like FREE things like we do then it would be important to know that Amy offers a free 1 hour webinar class that you can take to get a good feel for her content. 

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. So really there is no risk.

Try it out! 

Are there any Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to Positive Parenting Solutions out there. All of which have their pros and cons.

We are a bit biased since we have used Positive Parenting Solutions but honestly, we feel from our research that no other parenting program out there gives you the comprehensive parenting resources that you find in Positive Parenting Solutions. 

That being said, everyone is different and has different parenting challenges and styles that may fit better with another program. Here are a few alternatives: 

Big Little Feelings

big little feelings logo

Big Little Feelings is a 6-hour course designed for parenting children between 1-6 years of age! This course is to help parents tackle ALL toddler and preschool scenarios including tantrums, sharing, mealtimes, bedtimes, and so much more! 


Tinyhood logo

Tinyhood is a parenting platform geared toward new and expecting parents.  They offer classes, in the form of videos and handouts, ranging from what to expect during childbirth to how to potty train toddlers.  Access to their resources is obtained through a subscription.

Parenting Simply

Parenting simply logo

Parenting Simply has a handful of miniature courses that are set up and bought individually based on the course you prefer. This course focuses on active communication, controlling emotions, decreasing power struggles, and creating a more peaceful home and family. It is not as in-depth or comprehensive as positive parenting solutions but has a much smaller price tag. 

Conclusion: Is Positive Parenting Solutions Worth It?

family hugging

A transformation occurred and we 100% attribute that positive change to this program. It truly was worth EVERY PENNY and so much more!!! If we could recommend one thing for every parent to have, it would be this program! It will change you and your family’s lives!

Please don’t think we are saying that this is a miracle pill that will solve all your parenting problems because it is not.  We still struggle and often get lazy with implementing what we have learned from the course.  Our kids’ behavior helps remind us that we slack off sometimes. The great thing is that you have lifetime access to all the current and future content so you can go back, review, and recommit!

We can promise that if you are struggling with power struggles, back-talking, defiance, or any other parenting challenge, investing in and implementing Positive Parenting Solutions will greatly improve your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Firmness, Fairness, and Friendliness are the three “F'”s of positive parenting. These three “F”s work together to promote healthy child development and build a strong parent-child relationship based on trust, respect, and communication. Positive parenting emphasizes the importance of balancing these aspects to raise well-adjusted and confident children.

Psychologist Diana Baumrind is often credited with identifying four main parenting styles based on her research. These parenting styles are characterized by different combinations of two dimensions: responsiveness and demandingness. The four parenting styles are Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, and Neglectful/Uninvolved.

The answer is a resounding YES!!! Thousands of families (including us) have given overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is created on evidence-based research and has years of proven results.

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