Big Little Feelings Online Parenting Class Review 2023: Is it Worth it?

Big Little Feelings Review

Welcome, fellow parents, caregivers, and anyone trying to navigate the wild and wonderful world of childhood emotions!

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of a toddler tantrum, wondering if you need a degree in psychology just to figure out what’s going on in that tiny brain? The Big Little Feelings online class promises to help you figure out those adorable but oh-so-mysterious little minds. We hope to assist you in determining whether Big Little Feelings is your secret weapon or just another parenting class. 

Our children have really tested our patience to the limit! We have often found ourselves responding to our children’s tantrums with tantrums of our own! Are you constantly nagging and pestering your kid to do as you ask? You are not alone, we have too! Our kids have feelings just like we do and if we want to see improvement in their behavior we must first learn more about why they act the way they do. 

Buckle up, friends – it’s time to get real about those big little feelings! 

Big Little Feelings Summary

Big Little Feelings parenting classes are a transformative resource designed to help parents navigate the challenging world of toddler emotions. 

Created by child development experts, Kristin Gallant and Deena Margolin, these classes provide 6 hours of invaluable insights and strategies to understand and manage children’s behavior effectively. With a focus on positive, evidence-based techniques, parents learn how to tackle common parenting dilemmas, from tantrums to sleep issues, with empathy and confidence. 

Through engaging content and a supportive instagram community, Big Little Feelings will  empower you to build strong connections with your little ones, fostering emotional intelligence and creating harmonious family dynamics.


7 Core Modules centered on practical tools for parenting toddlers


Thriving instagram community for support!

Potty Training

6 additional modules centered all things potty training

Overall Rating:

4.6 / 5


  • Focused tools for parenting toddlers
  • Thriving instagram community
  • Affordable relative to other parenting courses
  • Great bite sized videos


  • Limited amount of content
  • Content limited to parenting toddlers
  • Lacks additional resources outside of main course videos

Starts at $99

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

What is included in Big Little Feelings?

The Big Little Feelings online parenting course is a comprehensive resource that equips parents with valuable tools and insights for handling toddler behavior and emotions effectively. This course includes:

1. Video Lessons: Engaging video content that covers various aspects of toddler behavior, emotions, and common parenting challenges.

2. Evidence-Based Strategies: Practical, evidence-based strategies for managing tantrums, sleep issues, and other common toddler-related problems. The creators Kristin and Deena have created acronyms that help parents remember step by step actions to take in the heat of the moment!  Now that’s the kind of hand holding we need!

3. Supportive Community: If you have an instagram account you can join a community of over 3 million like-minded parents who share their experiences and support with one another. The Big Little Feelings instagram account and community is where it all began!

4. Printable Resources: Downloadable resources, such as guides and worksheets, to help implement the strategies and helpful tips discussed in the course.

Big Little Feelings provides you with the tools to alleviate those toddler tantrums which, if you are like us, is better than a bowl of your favorite ice cream!

There are two courses available with Big Little Feelings, Winning the Toddler Stage and Potty Training made Simple.

 Winning with Toddlers course

Girls hugging

The Winning the Toddler Stage Course is broken up into 7 different core modules with videos ranging from 2-10 minutes long. This makes getting through the material so doable, especially as a busy parent of a toddler! 


Five Founding Principles for Happy Homes

Learn how to be the cool, confident leader of your home – and handle anything thrown your way.

Module 2

Managing Tantrums Like a Boss

Finally feel confident in EXACTLY what to say (and do!) in the middle of a tantrum.

Module 3

The Preventing Tantrums Gameplans

Discover magical strategies for preventing meltdowns.

Module 4

The Discipline Gameplans

Learn a new model of discipline that protects kids’ self-esteem without turning you into a pushover.

Module 5 

 Specific Situations

Bedtime, bathtime, mealtime, screen-time, potty accidents, sibling strategies, sharing, pacifiers, and more. So much more.

BONUS module 6

The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Toddlers

End picky mealtime for good with mealtime tactics backed in decades of research.

BONUS Module 7

The Ultimate Guide to Toddler Sleep

Step-by-step, customizable plans for all toddler sleep disturbances.

The Potty Training made Simple course

Potty training can be EXTREMELY difficult! We have learned a lot about how to potty train our boys.

Big Little Feelings potty training course is broken up into 6 different modules with helpful videos and practical tools to apply

Module 1

P is for Potty: Build a solid foundation for your experience by mastering the 3 C’s of potty training.

Module 2

How to Prepare for Potty Training: How to prepare yourself, your home, and your toddler to create the quickest, easiest, and smoothest path to potty training.

Module 3

The Three Phase Method: Understand the three phases of potty training, and learn exactly what to say and do every step of the way.

Module 4

Responding to Pushback and Tantrums: Master techniques to prevent and manage pushback and tantrums during the potty training process.

Module 5

Poop! There it is!: Get the scoop on how to prepare for poop and prevent poop problems, and learn how to troubleshoot allllll those poop problems that come up after potty training.

Module 6

More Toilet Topics: Discover the best way to handle post-potty training particulars like adding underwear, reversing regressions, using public restrooms, and collaborating with childcare.

Who is Big Little Feelings for?

Kids raising arms up

This course is geared toward parents of children 1-6 years old. It focuses on the challenges and mindset of toddlers. If you have a toddler who likes to back talk, manipulate, or ignore you, then Big little feelings is for you! If you have days where you want to pull ever hair out of your head run and hide in your bathroom (if you have toddlers you know exactly what we mean) then Big Little Feelings is for you! 

What is the Big Little Feelings Parenting Style?

There is no one parenting style that fits Big Little Feelings. Kristin and Deena have even shared in interviews that they hesitate to pin any one parenting style on their program. 

Big Little Feelings focuses on positive parenting with an emphasis on emotional intelligence for both parent and child. The program aims to help you empower your child while maintaining control in your home! Now that is music to our ears! 

What are the Benefits of Big Little Feelings?

If you are like us, we want a product we buy to have practical application into our family life. Big Little Feelings does a great job of providing you with practical phrases to use in the heat of the moment and even to help prevent the meltdowns! 

We love the focus on connecting to your children emotionally, which is emphasized in the name Big Little Feelings! 

We must be honest in telling you we have yet to use Big Little Feelings in our own home. But, based on our experience with other parenting programs and the research we have done with this one we feel we can give you an honest outsiders option! Here are some of the particular benefits we like about Big Little feelings: 

1. Improved Parent-Child Communication: Big Little Feelings equips parents with effective strategies to communicate with their children, helping them understand and express their emotions better. 

2. Behavior Management: The program provides tools and techniques for managing challenging behaviors in children, such as tantrums and defiance. Parents learn how to set boundaries and use positive reinforcement and natural consequences to encourage positive behavior. An example of the tools provided are acronyms you can refer to such as B.R.E.A.T.H.E and P.R.E.P. 

3. Reduced Parental Stress: By offering practical guidance, advice and support, “Big Little Feelings” helps parents feel more confident in their parenting abilities. This can lead to reduced stress and a more harmonious family environment.

What are the Drawbacks of Big Little Feelings?

It is the universal feeling of all parents to one day find the parenting Manuel that will solve all problems! Unfortunately…that doesn’t exist!

No parenting program or site is perfect and Big Little Feelings is no exception.

Limited content: there are only two courses with a handful of modules each. This limits the ability for parents to have tools to cover every situation they may come up against. Also, the content is specifically designed with a focused on toddlers. So, if you are past the toddler stage then this parenting program is not for you. 

 One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Some critics argue that the program’s strategies may not work equally well for all children and families. Every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another, so a more personalized approach may be necessary in some cases. 

Limited Support: Other than the instagram community Big Little Feelings lacks the personalized support offered in other parenting programs. 

It’s important to remember that the effectiveness of any parenting program can vary depending on individual circumstances, and what may be a drawback for one family could be a benefit for another.


The pricing is very simple. There are two courses, Winning with Toddlers and Potty Training Made Simple.

Cost of Winning with Toddlers is $99

Cost of Potty Training Made Simple is $34

OR you can buy both courses in a bundle and save $10!

Cost of Bundle is $124

Does Big Little Feelings Really Work?

There is a huge following of over 3 million individuals including celebrities like Eva Mendes! Their online courses are relatively new but have had wonderful reviews! It is not a quick fix but from what we can see it definitely works! 

Customer Reviews

review from biglittlefeelings.com
review form biglittlefeelings.com
review form biglittlefeelings.com
review from biglittlefeelings.com
review form biglittlefeelings.com

The Experts Behind Big Little Feelings

Creators of Big Little Feelings

Kristin and Deena know their stuff!

Kristin Gallant and Deena Margolin are the dynamic duo behind “Big Little Feelings.” As experts in the field, (Marolin Is a certified family therapist, Gallant is a parent coach, and both are mothers themselves) they bring a wealth of expertise and personal experience to the world of parenting. With a mission to help parents navigate the challenging terrain of raising emotionally healthy children, they developed the Big Little Feelings platform. 

Their approach is built on empathy, communication, and setting boundaries. Through social media, online courses, and their popular podcast, Kristin and Deena empower parents with practical tools and strategies, making a positive impact on families worldwide. Their dedication to helping parents and children thrive has made them trusted voices in the parenting community.

Alternatives to Big Little Feelings

There are many different parenting courses out there. We have a comprehensive list of our top 6 parenting courses that you can read more about.

Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting Solutions Logo

This is the parenting program we are most familiar with and have used in our home. We love it! It is comprehensive in its content covering everything from the psychology of behavior to how to handle the morning time mania! It includes 37 practical tools to use in those parenting situations where you are completely overwhelmed! Learn more about this fabulous program!


Tinyhood Logo

Tinyhood is a parenting platform geared toward new and expecting parents.  They offer classes, in the form of videos and handouts, ranging from what to expect during childbirth to how to potty train toddlers.  Access to their resources is obtained through a subscription.

Parenting Simply 

Parenting Simply Logo

Parenting Simply has a handful of miniature courses that are set up and bought individually based on the course you prefer. This course focuses on active communication, controlling emotions, decreasing power struggles, and creating a more peaceful home and family. It is not as in-depth or comprehensive as positive parenting solutions but has a much smaller price tag. 

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

For us, there are things when raising a toddler that just feels like essentials! Having a parenting program to provide you with practical tools is one of those essentials! 

Now if you have those picture-perfect children then you have nothing to worry about (except for the fact that you may be constantly getting calls from us asking you how you do it!!!). BUT if you are like us, having a parenting program like Big Little Feelings is a no-brainer! 

If you have toddlers that are giving you a run for your money, then this course is Worth It! If it turns out the course just isn’t meeting your expectations then you are safe with their 30-day money-back guarantee! So what are you waiting for?! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Potty training readiness varies from child to child, but most children show signs of readiness between 18 and 24 months of age. However, it’s essential to remember that readiness is more about developmental milestones and individual cues than a fixed age. Here are some signs that can indicate your child is ready for potty training:

  • Interest in the toilet
  • Staying dry for longer periods
  • Communication of dirty diaper
  • Independence
  • Recognizing bodily cues.
  • Consistency with bowel and bladder habits

Disciplining a toddler who doesn’t listen can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that discipline should be about teaching and guiding rather than punishment. Here are some strategies to help you address this common parenting challenge: 

  • Set Clear and Simple Expectations
  • Be Consistent
  • Offer Choices
  • Positive Reinforcement

The “terrible twos” or the “toddler no phase” typically occurs around the age of 2 and can last for several months or even longer. However, it’s important to note that the duration and intensity of this phase can vary greatly from child to child. Some toddlers may go through a relatively mild and short-lived phase, while others may exhibit more challenging behavior for an extended period.

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