World of Imagination: 27 Ideas of the Best Reading Nook for Kids

Reading nook for kids

Need ideas for how to create a reading nook for your kids?

We have been right where you are at and are excited to share what we have found in our research!

There are so many different ways to create a fun and unique reading nook for your kids! We have done a lot of research ourselves because we LOVE reading in our home! We have a million children’s books and read multiple times a day with our kids! 

Our dream is to one day (hopefully soon) have a custom-built indoor tree house reading nook like the one we have pictured in this article! 

Top 27 Reading Nooks for Kids by Theme

This was seriously super fun finding all of these ideas for a reading nook for kids! The sky is the limit.

It may be fun to enlist your kid’s help in coming up with nook ideas because they will be more likely to use it if they feel like it was their idea! We have learned from Positive Parenting Solutions that better than empowering your kids in this way is so rewarding for both parents and kids!

Here are our 27 favorite nook ideas.

1. Indoor Tree House

indoor treehouse

This is our dream reading nook! We love reading the Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne and this design reminds us of the wonderful stories in that series! Reading has the power to take you wherever you want to go! 

This is a much more expensive idea, but if you have the funds this can be an amazing memory for your child as they grow up reading! If you have multiple kids who can enjoy this reading nook it may be worth the investment! 

2. Under-the-Sea

under the sea

Create a cozy reading nook with ocean-inspired decor, such as blue and green hues, hanging fish, and plush sea creature pillows. A canopy or tent can mimic the feel of being underwater, making it a perfect spot for marine adventures in literature.

3. Enchanted Forest Hideaway

enchanted forest

Transform a corner into an enchanted forest with faux trees, twinkling lights, and woodland creature cushions. This cozy nook can be a magical setting for reading fairy tales and stories of woodland adventures.

4. Space Explorer’s Corner

space explorers corner

Launch young readers into outer space with a cosmic reading nook. Decorate the space with glow-in-the-dark stars, a rocket ship bean bag chair, and space-themed posters. This nook becomes a launching pad for a lifelong love of exploring the universe through books.

5. Princess Palace or Castle Retreat

Princess Palace

Craft a royal reading nook fit for a prince or princess. Use sheer curtains, plush cushions, and fairy-tale-themed decor to transform the space into a castle retreat. This is an ideal spot for diving into magical tales and adventures.

6. Dinosaur Discovery Den

Dinosaur discovery den

Transport kids to the prehistoric era with a dinosaur-themed reading nook. Dino-shaped pillows, foliage, and dinosaur footprints on the floor create an immersive setting for exploring books about these fascinating creatures.

7. Rainbow and Cloud Haven

Rainbow and cloud haven

Bring a burst of color into the reading nook with a rainbow and cloud theme. Hang colorful fabric or paper rainbows, and use fluffy cloud-shaped cushions for a dreamy and whimsical space.

8. Pirate’s Cove or Treasure Island

Pirates cove

Sail into the world of pirates with this adventurous reading nook. Decorate with a ship’s wheel, treasure chests, and pirate flags. This cozy corner becomes the perfect setting for tales of buried treasures.

9. Jungle Safari Retreat

Jungle Safari Retreat

Venture into the heart of the jungle with a safari-themed reading nook. Use greenery, animal-print cushions, and safari accessories to create a wild and adventurous atmosphere for exploring books about animals and jungles.

10. Farmyard Fun Corner

Farmyard fun corner

Bring the charm of the farm into the reading nook with barnyard decor, plush farm animal toys, and cozy blankets. This themed reading nook for kids is a delightful spot for reading stories about farm life and friendly animals.

11. Superhero Headquarters

superhero headquarters

Turn a corner into a superhero hideout with comic book posters, superhero capes, and themed decor. This reading nook becomes the perfect place for young readers to embark on heroic adventures through books.

12. Magical Wizard’s Lair

magical wizard's lair

Transform the nook into a magical realm with wizard hats, spell books, and twinkling fairy lights. This enchanted space is ideal for diving into tales of magic and wizardry.

13. Construction Zone Corner

construction zone corner

Create a construction-themed reading nook with caution tape, traffic cones, and construction vehicle pillows. This imaginative space is perfect for exploring books about building and construction.

14. Frozen Wonderland

frozen wonderland

Bring the magic of winter into the reading nook with a Frozen-inspired theme. Decorate with snowflakes, icicles, and Elsa, or Olaf plush toys for a wintry reading adventure.

15. Sports Fanatic Retreat

sports fanatic retreat

Design a sports-themed reading nook with sports gear, balls, and team colors. This is an ideal space for sports enthusiasts to enjoy books about their favorite games and athletes.

16. Garden of Imagination

garden of imagination

Cultivate a garden-inspired reading nook with floral decorations, butterfly cushions, and a canopy of flowers. This whimsical space is perfect for exploring your favorite books about nature and magical gardens.

17. Scientist Lab

scientist lab

Transform the nook into a scientist’s lab with beakers, test tubes, and science-themed decor. This creative space is perfect for young readers interested in experiments and scientific discoveries.

18. Circus Spectacle

circus spectacle

Turn the reading nook into a circus tent with colorful stripes, circus flags, and plush circus animal toys. This lively and cozy space is perfect for diving into books about circus adventures and magical performances.

19. Firefighter Station

firefighter station

Design a firefighter-themed reading nook with firetruck decor, firefighter hats, and safety cones. This imaginative space is ideal for exploring books about firefighting heroes and rescue missions.

20. Mermaid Lagoon

mermaid lagoon

Dive into an underwater world with a mermaid-themed reading nook. Use ocean-inspired colors, mermaid tails, and seashell decorations for an enchanting space perfect for exploring books about the deep blue sea.

21. Kid Tent/Teepee

kid tent/teepee

If you are looking for a cheap and easy idea this is the one! Find a kids’ teepee and decorate it with some camping-themed pillows, stuffed animals, and wall decals. It doesn’t take much to get kids excited about their reading nook!

22. Favorite Disney Theme

favorite disney theme

The possibilities are endless here! For our boys, a Mickey Mouse theme would be awesome! If you have girls you can do a Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty princess theme! 

23. Favorite Book Theme

favorite book theme

Does your child have a favorite book? Do a reading nook with a theme based on that book! This one can keep your kids excited to use their reading nook every day! 

This Harry Potter themed reading nook would be an awesome way to bring that series to life while reading!

24. Imagination Theme

imagination theme

The sky is the limit with this type of reading nook! Seriously involve your kids and let your imaginations go wild as you create a space of wonder! Our boys would probably go crazy creating a jungle where monkeys are swinging through trees or leopards are perched on a branch. Get creative and have fun with this one!

25. Sunshine 


A bright sunshine reading nook can really help bring a peaceful and warm feel to your kids’ reading nook! You might find your kids don’t want to leave their nook, especially during a cold winter day!

26. Colorful


The more color the better when it comes to kids! It could even be fun to have a chalkboard wall to let your kids add more imagination and color in whatever way they want! 

27. Audiobook haven

audiobook haven

If you haven’t heard of Storypod, Toniebox, or Yoto then your kids are missing out!  Learn more about Toniebox and Yoto side by side in our comparison article! These are some awesome kids’ audio players that allow kids to listen to audiobooks, music, and much more!  Creating a space centered around these fun devices can be a unique take on a reading nook for your kids!  

Location Ideas for Your Kids Reading Nook


corner of the room nook

This is a simple idea that just requires a small amount of space in the corner of a room. Get a fun chair with some pillows and a small bookshelf and decorate however you like! 

Window Seal 

window seal nook

We think this is kind of your classic reading nook idea!  It provides natural light which is great for reading!  Place a pad on the window seal and voila! 

Built In

built in nook

If you are looking to incorporate a reading nook into a home you are building or a room you are remodeling this can be a great idea!  Build shelves into the wall around a little built-in reading cubby!  This really shows how important reading is in your home! 

Closet Repurpose

closet repurposed nook

Have a closet you are not using?  Turn it into a cozy reading nook for your kid!  This is a great way to keep the books contained behind doors.  If your kids are like ours then you probably have books strewn across the entire house.  A closet reading nook is a great way to hide all of that!  

Under Stairs 

under the stairs nook

Ever wonder how to best use that awkward space under the stairs? Well, you are in luck, it just may be the perfect spot for your child’s reading nook! You would be surprised just how much you can do in this small space but since it’s for kids the space will go a long way. 

Key Components of a Good Reading Nook for Kids

key components of a nook

Comfortable seating

A comfortable seat is the absolute key to a good reading nook! Well, maybe the second most important behind a good book! Sometimes all it takes for more simple nook ideas are a few floor cushions.

Here are a few of our favorite seating ideas!

  • Bean bags (corduroy is great since it can become a mattress too!)
  • Saucer chair
  • Recliner (adults can use the reading nook too!)
  • Bench
  • Foam pad (for the more ground-level nooks like the teepee)
  • Themed kid chair
  • Cacoon chair
  • Sensory swing 
  • Nugget Couch! If you have never heard of a nugget couch you have to check it out! These are a great idea to use in a reading area or nook while also providing your children an opportunity to create their own fort or comfy shape to lay on while reading. A Nugget couch can also be used for many other purposes besides a reading nook so this type of investment would be great!Nugget couch

Storage for books

There are so many fun ways to display and store books for your reading nook. Depending on your available space, you can get bigger or smaller shelves.

Shelves that have your reading nook theme are a great way to add to your overall reading nook idea. Here are a few different ways you can store and display books in your kids’ reading nook.

Here are a few examples of book storage ideas



Floating shelves 

floating shelfs

Repurposed wooden crates 

repurposed wooden crates

Book stands

book stand

Built-in shelves

built in shelf


baskets of books

Collection of books

large book collection

This is obviously the most important part of a reading nook for kids. We love our huge collection of books for our kids and we are constantly adding to it! The more books you have for your kids, the more adventures they can go on! We have found that keeping a fresh supply of books in our home keeps our kids’ interest in reading at a high level!

Dedicated space

have a dedicated reading nook space

A cozy reading nook helps provide a dedicated space for your kids to read. This will help inspire and motivate your kids to develop a habit of reading. The more kids read the better! Golden Steps shares that when you read to your child for 20 minutes a day they will be exposed to 1.8 million words a year!

fun and unique environment

Make the environment fun and inviting. The more appealing it is, the more likely kids will want to use it. 

Make it comfortable. No one wants a stiff neck, back, or bottom after sitting and reading for a while.

Make sure the lighting is good. It is so important to not put a strain on your eyes while trying to read in dim or dark areas. 


Music can be a great addition to your kids’ reading nook. Instrumental music, especially classical music, helps to stimulate your child’s brain and will enhance their ability to learn as they read!

Alex loved to listen to piano music while studying in graduate school and feels that it helped him focus and stay relaxed!

Try adding a Bluetooth speaker to your kids’ reading nook and see how they like it!


fun reading nook idea

These are only a few of the many ideas we have found in our research! The most important thing is that you create a dedicated space for your kids to read! We encourage reading in our home so much because we know it will help our kids excel significantly in school and life!

A reading nook for kids can even double as a calming corner to give your kids a place to go when their emotions are intense and need to relax!

We have heard it said that leaders are readers and we want to help our kids start early!

Learn more about kids and reading from our article on how to get toddlers to read!

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