Hi! We are Alex and Jessica and we are all about FAMILY!!!

We are a husband and wife duo and we love all things FAMILY! Having 3 boys of our own life is full of craziness, rough housing, laughter, tantrums, adventures, and pure joy! Our life is often full of chaos but beautiful chaos in so many ways. We hope to share things we have both learned and researched so that amongst your chaos of raising children, you too can have beautiful chaos!

About Us

From a very young age, our greatest and most fond memories were those with our families. We both grew up as the oldest in fairly big size families. Alex is the oldest of 7 and Jessica the oldest of 5.  We have always been close to our families and knew we also wanted a good size family of our own! Family means everything to us and is the focus in all we do! 

We met and were married in 2014. Both of us pursued the medical field as nurses and worked at the same hospital for the first few years of our marriage. Alex worked in the ICU and Jessica as an antepartum/postpartum nurse. Night shifts were an adventure as we both would sleep during the day, work at night, and eat our “lunches” together at 2am! It was an experience for sure, but we loved that chapter of life. Jessica worked until her water broke one night at work and then delivered our first amazing son. That was when our journey of parenthood truly began!

After completing needed work experience Alex pursued a graduate degree and moved our small family of 3 across the country to what felt like a new world. We spent 3 years in graduate school. Amongst those years we had our second amazing son and learned to truly rely on each other as we were far from family and isolated during COVID. It was a test but one that made us stronger than ever! Alex graduated and we were able to move back near family where Alex now works as a Nurse Anesthesiologist. We have since had a third boy who brings a new level of joy and excitement to the family! Jessica feels blessed to be able to spend her time each day with our 3 very busy but wonderful boys!

When not working, our family thrives on quality time and memory building together! We love traveling and seeing the world! We enjoy time outdoors as a family and soaking in every moment of our precious children before time slips away too fast. There are so many dreams and adventures we have in our bucket list to one day make a reality. We started blogging to help us achieve these dreams and adventures for our family. We would love to share things we have learned with each of you! Family living, no matter what the dynamics, but especially with many children, brings a whole new perspective on life. It is often full of chaos, however it can be beautiful chaos! There are so many aspects to family living we have learned that have contributed to making our chaos beautiful! We are excited to share ideas with each of you in hopes to bring greater joy, peace, and ease to your families as they have brought to ours!